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12015 History and Epistemology in Mathematics Education: Proceedings of the Seventh European Summer University. A geometric problem on three circles in a triangle (the Malfatti problem) - a thread through Japanese, European and Chinese mathematics. p. 637-649.Ressource en ligne
22011 History and Epistemology in Mathematics Education: Proceedings of the Sixth European Summer University (ESU 6). 1607, a year of (some) signifiance translation of the first european text in mathematics - éléments - into chinese. p. 573-589.Ressource en ligne
32008 History and epistemology in mathematics education: proceedings of the 5th European Summer University. Harmonies in Nature: A Dialogue between Mathematics and Physics. p. 115-123.Ressource en ligne
42006 Proceedings of HPM 2004 & ESU 4. Proof in history and in the classroom. p. 525-528.
52006 Proceedings of HPM 2004 & ESU 4. "No, I don't use history of mathematics in my class. Why ?" p. 268-277.
62001 Bulletin de l'APMEP. Num. 434. p. 374-386. Mathématiques = démonstration ?
72001 Histoire et épistémologie dans l'éducation mathématique : de la maternelle à l'université. V. 1. How did candidates pass the state examination in mathematics in the Tang dynasty (618-917)? - Myth of the "confucian-heritage-culture" classroom. p. 321-334.Ressource en ligne
81986 Bulletin de l'APMEP. Num. 354. p. 309-319. History of (mathematics) teachers.Ressource en ligne